The Snowflake

 Image credit: a sketched by Pamela L. Abjelina

Just love the snowflake for it's a symbol of Christmas and the wonderful season that we have. It's the month of December so let's celebrate it with love and joy at the same time. And I want to greet all my wonderful friends advance Merry Christmas to you!

I want to share to you my art here which is a snowflake and it is a symbol of Christmas which seems to be a great miracle to us. It' s such a great feeling for everyone when the first snow fall will come and seems like to as what I said before, a nice miracle for us. A snowflake is something magical and has many crystals when there is sunlight.

A snowflake is beautiful that's why I love it. So nice to have winter once again. Welcome December and we have been anticipating it to come.

Android app used: Sketch app from Samsung phone

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