A Lamp Post Portrait Of Christmas

         Image source: sketched by Pamela L. Abjelina 

Here I am once again, I want to share to you my painting of a lamp post portrait to everyone. We can find a lamp post outside while it is constantly snowing as well. I think it's a beautiful portrait of a lamp post with snow since Christmas time is around the corner. Everyone may notice a lamp on a corner of a street and a person can just add a ribbon on it to decorate it and it's enough, it'll look perfect for the holidays.

And the lamp post in my digital art painting have snowflakes at the same time. I think a snowflake is a beautiful symbol of Christmas and it is an icy, white crystal and has a design that looks just wonderful and a nice symbol of Christmas as well.

The lamp post portrait on Christmas is an image that signifies winter where the lamp on the street has a gentle light while it is snowing heavily in the cold winter night. Therefore it is a beautiful portrait of Christmas in the winterland at the same time.

Android digital app used: Sketch app from playstore

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