Quiz Guessing Lucky Numbers, Part: 02

Hi friends, this is a unique game, there are numbers from 1 to 28, guess what you think is the lucky number this week. Pay is always double according to the rules of the game, thanks for your participation, and hopefully this week's luck will be yours entirely.


The first winner:

1 STEEM multiplied by 10

Runner up
1 STEEM multiplied by 8

The third champion
1 STEEM multiplied by 6

Fourth place winner
1 STEEM multiplied by 5

Fifth winner
1 STEEM multiplied by 4

Sixth champion
1 STEEM multiplied by 3

Seventh winner
1 STEEM multiplied by 2


  • Each account is allowed to choose a number to guess, and to make it easier for me to see it, you must write in the comments and in the transfer memo. For example: 2 STEEM for numbers 24, 3 STEEM for numbers 7, 2 STEEM for number 28 and so on.
  • The more you send STEEM to Wallet @joyko, then if you are lucky, your STEEM will be paid in multiples according to the applicable regulations.
  • I will choose a lucky number by taking it randomly, each of my winners will send STEEM to the winner's wallet.
  • For those who do not send STEEM to Wallet @joyko, then if you are selected as one of the winners, you are not paid and do not get double paid.

Thank you very much and hope you will support #quizguessingnumbers:

Here has room for comments, so if you still don't understand this game, then here we will always answer your questions.

Good luck and hopefully this week's profits will be yours.

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0.200 steem for number 09

23.07.2019 15:28