Good evening. great minds, how are you all doing and. hope you. had a wonderful day today. Well I will be sharing. with you positive minds on how my day. went today being a Mass Communication. student and currently undergoing my IT( Industrial Training) in #(LION FM) 91.1 FM in #UNIVERSITYof NIGERIA NSUKKA in ENUGU State.

Today i woke up by #5:47 AM and started getting dressed for the day at about 7:17 AM prompt i was in the. school and something happened guess what!! I missed my road #LOL i met few person's and i was directed got to the office by #7:37 AM and was. instructed to. wait behind for the next programme which kicked off at #8:30 AM and my tutor asked me to handle the Newspaper Review and I did well in that one. today being my first time to actually handle the such serious programme.

At #noon by 12:00 PM. prompt i was asked to handle. the music. on air which i enjoyed doing, catching some fun. today and. was very exciting and. interesting for me below. are some pictures i took.

We closed by 4:30 PM today not the usual way but it was all fine by us (i.e my colleagues) on departure. we decided to take this route heading towards ICT in #UNN I took a particular shot very close.
to a very beautiful tree as i was. still talking about. how. attractive and beautiful it was.

Due to the eye catchy of the tree i had to edit the picture to crop out the beauty of nature and i know you will like to feed your eyes.

Hope you find it fun and interesting don't forget to appreciate my effort.

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