Good day dear steamians, I am so happy to have finally become a member of this great family which have so many resourceful attributes, and apologise whole heartedly for the late posting truth be told it haven't been easy for me from sick bed to exams and from exams to IT (Industral Training) which is still going on . Notwithstanding the fact that am a newbie here I still have visions of exploiting great ways of doing things here and that will yield a better understanding of this wonderful platform. Having heard so many interesting, nice and hopeful things about this site in the financial, intellectual embodiment and opportunities aspect as well as not forgetting the great men and women i will meet here. I sincerely want to appreciate @kadosh2340 my incredible colleague turned a great friend, that am here today he kept on pushing me and never gave up on me till i picked up my sit, you are a blessing to me @kadosh2340. And I plead for your support.


I'm Uzoanya Joyce Chinazam from Abia State precisely Umuahia South Local Government Area, Nigeria. Am fair in complexion, average height(tall), very funny, brown colour hair(golden hair) white eyes, a little hairy aswell have white nails, pointed nose, and a very nice shape as you can see in the picture uuhhmmm... Imagine how beautifuly she's made, very simple and productive at all times.



I'm an undergraduate of Mass Communication(BSC) in ALEX EKWUEME FEDERAL UNIVERSITY NDUFU ALIKE, IKWO in Ebonyi State Nigeria. Actually am the last out of 3 kids of my parent's, we are a boy and two girls which the boy is the most senior of us while am the last and the sweetest part of it is that we were all born in the month of March isn't it amazing? My big bro is 17th, sister 6th and me march 27th even though my this years birthday was on a sick bed.


I enjoy doing things like listening to music, dancing, singing, i enjoy modelling and love animals (pets) as a matter of fact my future home must be filled with pets.

REACTIONS AND GOALS.I'm feeling so happy to have finally become a member of this exciting and life changing platform and still remains humble to @kadosh2340 for being the mentor, entreprenuer and everything to made sure i reach this level.


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