How do you deal with misunderstandings


In recent time a lot of person has misunderstood my actions the wrong way.

People tend to over think your actions to fit their suspicions or perceptions about you.

This at times make me angry and depressed.
Most time I keep my self in my world alone.

I really want to know the best approch to take in dealing with is, or better still how to guide my emotions from braking down.

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Hi Jovita, I am not an expert in psychology but I can relate to this situation in my own life. As you said most times people tend to overthink your actions to fit their suspicions and perceptions.

Sometimes it is due to our own fault because we have not been clear in expressing ourselves.

Our own conduct which is inappropriate to the circumstances of the other party could lead to misunderstandings too. I have come across people sharing jokes in a funeral service. It is just not appropriate but some people who are habitually jocund may find it difficult not to joke regardless of circumstances.

It could also be the fault of the other party entirely. For instance, a person who is a psychopath or sociopath could deliberately be manipulating you (i.e pretending to be offended by you) when you have done nothing wrong or have been very clear in expressing yourself.

Some people are simply immature and are given to misunderstanding others.

In the last two situations it is best that you stay away from such people.

Another situation is when people are suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), especially after a death of a loved one. They tend to misunderstand others easily. Here, you need to exercise caution and give them space to come out of their misery.

31.05.2021 10:21

Thank you very much @vioce
You really cleared me. I really appreciate your reply

31.05.2021 10:25

This is an excellent open ended question @jovita30. Hope to see more such questions from you.

01.06.2021 13:09

Yes you would @devann. Thank you very much.

01.06.2021 13:57