No-Sugar-November Challenge - Day X - The Low

I've lost the hype. I mean if I saw any hints of my face getting better, that'd be a different story, but now I just have to see this through just because. Surprisingly though, I do not have such cravings as I had anticipated, I'm just disappointed. And bored. Eating healthy is dreadfully boring.

However, I cannot say this has been without any benefits! I find that my gut does not puff up like a balloon as it used to, so that's a definite benefit.

And if I've started to list pros and cons, I do have to mention also the fact that I seem to be losing my boobs, and I didn't have much of them, to begin with. This feels counterproductive.

Some time next week, I'll get some highly hyped up supplements and creams and whatnot. I know it's unscientific of me to introduce additional variables mid-experiment, but F science, I need RESULTS!

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