No-Sugar-November Challenge - Day VIII - You Cat To Be Kitten Me Right Meaw

Dis ridiculous!

If at the end of the month this is what I'm going to get as a result, then to hell with all healthy eating, I'm going to eat all the sweets I'll ever wish to eat. Preposterous. If I had slipped, I'd understand, but this is straight-up unfair.

08/11/2019 07:00:

08/11/2019 19:00:

I'll have to be more cautious and mindful now that I'm going home-home. I've even taken some food with me so that I don't have to end up with no valid options for myself. Although my people understand and support what I'm trying to do, I fear they might suggest just dropping this entirely when they'll see that my face not only show now results but specifically today is utterly wrecked.

Oh well, we continue. For the science!


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I do not know enough to make statements that sound like fact, but I have heard of the body reacting to a change as it releases toxins. It means this could actually be a sign your body is trying to help...but it does not know how seeing spots on your face will upset you :)

They say sugar stresses us, but my exprience is that if I stop all sweet things, I get more stressed out, so I keep a jar of real (not killed by irradiation) honey - preferably with the honeycomb still in it. It helps relieve my need so that I can think of other things...

08.11.2019 19:26

Thank you, for the reasuring words, I can only hope you're right. :)

09.11.2019 07:27

I cam across this video and remembered my words to you

body reacting to a change as it releases toxins

and thought you might find some comfort in watching it, as she also discusses the problem.

30.11.2019 20:58