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⛵ ⛵ ⛵ ⛵...(Toor ay ???)...

[Last time...]

“Ye ask a lot of questions sailur..." She said coolly as she dropped her coppers into the cleavage inside her tunic.

A fire swept through him like a raging storm! His breath quickened and he looked into her eyes. For a moment, she met his gaze and she too felt an energy between them. Uncomfortable, she quickly got up set off for the corridor. Her shapely figure rear swayed gently as she walked. He took it all in like a starving man in a Glasgow deli…

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

[On the Silverton…]

The morning sun came up over Africa like a glimmering jewel in a treasure chest. The night winds had brought the Silverton a hundred miles west of the coast of Angola. The Captain finished his morning readings and turned to Commander Galligan.

“Hoow mony toor suggestions have come in froms th' crew so far mucker?”
“Three Sairrr, Kragerø, Norway, Djibouti, Africars an’ Diego Garcia Islain.”
“Hmmm…noot enough fur a proper vote. Offer-up an extra plain in they’s tatties an' neebs fur anyain who has a suggestion. These men have got ta start usin' they’s heads!"
“Aye Sairrr.”
[Meanwhile…back in a small village in Zanzibar…]

The red-hot coals of the fire of the evening before glowed brightly in the early morning light. Amal looked down at the coals and took a deep breath…

“It is time…” She said as she motioned to her brother Saleem to begin.

He nodded and signaled three other men to follow as he headed back into the small thatched hut. Inside, the Jinn lay in a fitful sleep, tossing and moaning as the fever began to take a hold. The four men took hold of him and lifted his body off of the straw pad. Immediately the Jinn opened his eyes in a startled glare.
“Do not be alarmed my friend, we are here to help you…” Saleem said as he nodded to the other three to move.

“What is happening here?! I demand to know!” The Jinn said in a weak but assertive voice.
“You have an infection spreading in your arm my Lord. It is bringing fever and will certainly bring death if we do not act.” Saleem said as they carried his limp body out of the hut and towards the fire pit.

“Infection? Act? How?” The Jinn mumbled as his eyes opened and closed repeatedly.

Saleem did not answer. With the help of the three strong men, they laid the Jinn’s body down next to the fire pit. Amal glanced at the Jinn who now was seemingly unconscious again and then at Saleem, giving him the nod as she quickly turned and left the area.

Saleem instructed the three men to sit upon the other limbs of the Jinn while he took a hold of the amputated arm. The Jinn’s eyes quickly opened and he thrust his torso up in confusion…

“What...?! What are you doing?!”

Saleem made his move! Holding tightly onto the Jinn’s forearm with both arms, he thrust the bloody stump into the hot coals and held it there!


The Jinn writhed and screamed for ten or more seconds but finally his body went limp and he fell into unconsciousness! The stub of his arm crackled and bubbled as the heat from the coals cauterized the wound.

"Suffering...suffering...Oh how it cleanses the darkness of the soul!" - (Unknown Highland Warrior)

[On the Silverton, in the ship’s galley…]

Junior Petty Officer Ill-lumbergh sat at breakfast with Seaman Ehey...

“Ye seem distracted Sairrr?" Ehey said as took a bite out of his plain.
“Och aye, Ahh’m distracted alright…" He answered absently as he gazed across the room.

There at another table sat Warrant Officer Errislravenhill, Standing Officer Hesilverdoll, and Petty Officers Nomaly and Ishyculture. It was ovious that Ill-lumberge was focused on Nomaly.

Ehey glanced over his shoulder at the other table and then back at Ill-lumberge.

“Yoo've got th' itch fur Officer Nomaly?!" He said in surprise.
“Aye, Ahh’ve got more than an itch mucker!” He replied, not taking his eyes off of her.
“Sairrr…with aw’ due respect...those wimins ur th' highest rankin' females oan th' ship! Yoo're playin' with fire if ye think yoo're gonna bed any of those hens!" Ehey warned as he looked on.
“Mebbe so mate, but playin’ with fire sure sounds good right noow!”

⛵ ⛵ ⛵ ⛵
"Gittin' yer clams aw' tangled fur a higher rankin' female Officer?! Cat's tails! Only a minkey-headed baboon woulds try 'att! Och th' drama of life on-board! Ahh cannot wait ta see's hoow this turns oot! Ahh thinks hee's playin' oot of hee's league! Haw! Haw!" 😆 -Keptin


Toor suggestions so far:

Kragerø, Norway
Djibouti, Africars
Diego Garcia Islain, India Ocean

"Three toor sugestions? Blye me, but Ahh needs fife fur a vote! Test not yoor Keptin!"

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Pictures from: www.freeimages.com, www.pexels.com, pixabay.com, steemit.com an’ www.google.com/maps. Data loosely interpretted froms: Wikipedia, an' sometimes finely crafted reit from th' author's extensiff personal experience an' such.

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