Vaccine Passport TYRANNY! - Get READY For War! - Technocracy Is HERE!

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Josh Sigurdson reports on the enforcement of covid vaccine passports in New York, Britain, Israel an eventually federally in the United States as the Biden Administration announces the push for vaccine passports in order to work, do commerce or eventually go out in public and do basic things.

As the government weaponizes people against each other, the vaccine passports are becoming the cherry on the cake. The lockdowners love it as much as a good gulag and the people who've done their own research and wish to remain free and healthy hate it and are ready to take up arms. This is the civil war many have been anticipating and it's global at this point. They've managed to play everyone worldwide against each other at the same time!
The vaccine IDs are based on the standard that we've seen presented in China for years. It's technocracy. Eventually it will be attached to a social credit score. For now it's attached to a piece of paper that will be mandatory to present at every restaurant, store, employer, etc.

This is most people's red lines, bt most people are also super complacent, so how many will actually fight back? That is the question.
The empire is falling and they're desperately trying to drag humanity and nature down with them. We must disobey. We must live free.

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