SHOCKING: Parasites In MASKS? - Videos Show Strange WORMS in Face Masks Under Microscope!

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Josh Sigurdson talks with Tim Truth about countless strange videos coming out showing what appear to be small black threads in masks that move, not magnetically, but appear to be triggered by moisture or heat like many known (sometimes manufactured) parasites.
Many are comparing the footage to evidence of Morgellons which has long been said to not exist. Many believe they are wormlike micelles that are built to deliver medication of sorts to the body.
We know that Johns Hopkins released a study last year where they had created what they called "theragrippers" which mimicked parasites and were delivered to people via a cotton swab. Once in the body, the theragrippers would cling to the lining of the host's stomach rather than be digested immediately. This allowed it to deliver large quantities of medicine and eventually let go on its own accord. This is a covert way to vaccinate people.
So with the amount of people ending up with severe lung infections from the masks, why are there suddenly all of these videos coming out of strange wormlike creatures (or at least what appears to be worm like creatures) under a microscope on the average surgical mask?

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