SHOCKING! Late Night Host CALLS OUT Masks & Jabs! - Trevor Noah Goes OFF SCRIPT!

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Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent news that shocked late night television as The Daily Show's Trevor Noah called out the claim that people need masks after getting the vaccine. While this goes without saying for most of us, Trevor Noah is likely one of the most annoying, abhorent hosts outside of Kimmel & Meyers. The fact that he could put two and two together is incredible.
After all, mainstream television gets about 95% of all their funding from pharmaceutical corporations. Considering this, it is crazy to see Trevor Noah speak out regarding masks and vaccines. He once called on television hosts to not report on side effects.
Noah now points out that telling people to wear masks after being vaccinated will only push people to rightly question the efficacy of the vaccines which he says will stop people from getting it. He went on to say he doesn't blame people for being hesitant if the people putting out the vaccine have such mixed messages on whether it is even efficient or not. If it's 96% efficient (which it very well could be at killing people), why on Earth do people still have to wear masks after getting it?
In this video, we break down the strange case of Trevor Noah's off script rant and why it isn't a saving grace for him, but allows us to talk about this very real issue.

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I'm with Jeff; let the mask wearers die. good ridons Retards.

09.05.2021 02:06