EXPOSED: MASS Death In India? Or FAKE NEWS? - Australian Government Says Vax Is POISON?!

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Josh Sigurdson reports on the huge breaking news of mass death in India from the covaids. Videos come out of dead bodies literally falling out of ambulances in India. The reality however is that all of this news is absolutely fake. The deaths in India are going up 100% in tune with vaccinations. They're also only 1/12 per capita the deaths in the US and more than 50% of all new so-called cases of the so-called virus that's never been isolated are people who just got the vaccine.
Meanwhile, last week, the big news was Brazil! That countless people were dying in Brazil. Piles of body bags. Then video came out exposing that the body bags were fake and simply meant for television to scare people.
Meanwhile, deaths have skyrocketed in Israel alongside the vaccine and the Australian government on their own government website call the vaccine an "administering of poison."
Also, the Canadian government has ordered vaccines until 2024, with the largest quantity coming in in 2024. What are they planning for?

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thanks for sharing this with us Josh.
May your health be with you.

27.04.2021 22:44

India has mass death. COVID lockdowns have increased poverty, increased malnutrion, increased starvation. That's the real problem.

30.04.2021 01:32