COLLAPSE Of The US Dollar! - MASSIVE Inflation Coming Soon! - Is There An ESCAPE?

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Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent study by CivicScience which presents that 77% of Americans are worried about soaring inflation.
In 2020, one fifth of the US Dollars in existence were printed. The debt has skyrocketed as the Federal Reserve prints vast amounts of money into bonds, eventually finding their way to the stock market. Alongside the printing comes the inevitable. The devaluation of the US Dollar. With the devaluation of the dollar, inflation skyrockets and millions are finally starting to ask questions about inflation.
In this video, we go into the greatest hedges against the dollar, the rise of cryptocurrencies including Defi projects such as TrustSwap and EddaSwap and how decentralized alternatives can overthrow centralized technocratic ideals enforced by the point of the state's g*n.
All the while, many who don't want to delve into Bitcoin continue to look at gold and silver as the best hedge against inflation.

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