Stakeholders Are Stakeholders

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Have Fun With Your Centralized Dumpster Fire. This shit is not even worth milking.



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Nobody asked my opinion before launching the fork. I am hurt. All they had to do was comment on one of my posts that gets nearly no reward. A well. I would have tried to talk them out of the 444 soft fork. I did voice dissent against it after it happened.

10.04.2020 19:58

We have the gift of hindsight now. I understand the reasoning behind why it was done it was a coin toss for me. On a fundamental level, the dev fund being eliminated would have been enough to protect the HIVE chain from the same type of attack as befell steem. The remainder of the fake witness voters probably should have been given their drop and allowed to dump it. For the sole reason of creating less drama. What's done is done. There is far less justification now for any further shenanigans regarding refusal to process transactions on any side.

Thanks for the comment.

10.04.2020 20:13