Retaliatory Downvotes: You are poisoning the well

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Thanks for putting that in simply English language terms great post it's made me understand more about the long term of Steemit ecosystem and it makes sense 👍

19.09.2019 04:27

You're welcome, and thanks for the follow!

19.09.2019 05:06

My pleasure 👍

19.09.2019 06:28

true, in my case also I experienced someone downvoted my post and it seems that person is active om steem. I asked him why and he answered me correctly. I didn't ask him to remove downvote. Just think of it that steem is like a really, not all people will like you. As long as it doesn't hurt you much no need for retaliation.

Only fool's will upvote for no reason.

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19.09.2019 04:32

Thanks for your input!

19.09.2019 05:06

''Trolls that downvote do exist, but they are the extreme minority.''

I see it a lot differently that you do. In my estimation the vast majority of flags I see are completely unjustifiable.
Its like a small group of very small minded people got together and imagined that they were the only people who 'know' how much a comment or post is worth.

This bullshit flagging is just a con my friend.
It is just the largest stakeholder trying to net as much Steem for himself at the expense of others : )

The road to mass adoption is making it possible for people to generate their own stake of Steem. The guy who claims to control the top twenty witnesses wants as much for himself as possible and if left to his own devices he will fuck it up for everyone who has invested time and/or money.

We can not stand by and see peoples accounts being attacked. It is costing the platform a lot of creators of content.

We need to spread Steem as deep and as wide as possible. We also need to figure out how to have democratically elected Witnesses. The only way we can counter his influence right now is by each of us holding thousands of sock accounts. We need a better way.

19.09.2019 04:40

You are entitled to your opinion, but the free-for-all mentality of before was what was killing STEEM. Those abusers have been changing their ways or dropping like flies post HF. Not sure about the conspiracy stuff you are promulgating, but I have yet to see any proof of any of it.

You are right the distribution of STEEM needs to improve, but that will take time and the disincentivizing of bad behavior. What I see is a bunch of people with large stakes curating and the engagement has been increasing for good blogs.

I haven't been following your individual situation, but it seems like now would be the opportune time to dig yourself out of it instead of this pariah thing you've got going, which clearly isn't gaining a lot of traction.

19.09.2019 05:04

I am not sure what you mean by dig myself out of it.

If you have a look, the abusive spam and auto flags have stopped. My pushing back on that crap was no small achievement. Now I will start working on some of the lesser evils before i begin addressing the top twenty witnesses problem : )

19.09.2019 05:24

You think Bernie stopped because you pushed back?

He stopped because that group of "small-minded" people you mention convinced him to get with curation and downvoting actual abuse instead of the path he was previously on.

19.09.2019 05:37

I most certainly played a part in that. Were you not watching?
if you want evidence of the things I speak about you only need to look.
All those old comments and boasts about controlling the top twenty witnesses.

You see I came here because i see the real potential this place has for changing peoples real world lives. I also see that the largest stake holder has consistently taken actions against other accounts who actively distribute Steem.

How is it, that you are so sure, that you know how much Steem a person should be given?

I have been watching some of the senseless flagging going on and cant find any valid justification

19.09.2019 05:49

I would like to request permission to re-post this.

20.09.2019 16:52

if you want.

20.09.2019 20:49

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19.09.2019 04:46

Downvotes are taken emotionally especially the ones that is just using this platform in a non-spammy manner while those that truly spam cannot be emotional about it and this deserved to get downvoted.

19.09.2019 06:17

It's not an easy transition from the previous race to the bottom in terms of extracting rewards by any means necessary to people actually caring how they are distributed.

Thanks for your response.

19.09.2019 06:27

I've only just received my first downvote (still new to the platform, I'm sure many more will come), I not sure why the person down voted, I asked but so far they haven't responded. Not worried about it at all, it is life.

19.09.2019 07:27

I took a look. No good reason by my standards since those are all human votes (including OCDB now). Everyone has different standards, and some people just have envy or want to troll. Those kind of downvotes you just have to brush off.

19.09.2019 07:43

I actually have no idea on how I would get anything other than human votes... zero interest in anything but organic growth for me, same as every other platform I'm on :)

19.09.2019 07:50

Great to see. It's certainly the type of work lots of people are looking to support on here, including myself.

19.09.2019 08:03

Thank you. I'm working on my long form content at the moment, have many posts in the works, will try to put something out daily at the very least. There might be the occasional single shot with a caption, but mostly long form... it is a chance to work on my writing skills :)

19.09.2019 08:07

it is a chance to work on my writing skills
I'm right there with you!

19.09.2019 08:19

Yes, the way we response to downvotes define us. But sometimes, people got emotional and indignant when that happens - especially when they didn't feel that they deserve the downvote. They will respond without thinking too much. It would be great if there is a community in place for people to appeal to, to sort out their grievances. Perhaps there is one already, that I don't know of. Anyway...

Great post, by the way. Very well thought out. 😊

19.09.2019 07:39

Thank you sir for your feedback.

19.09.2019 07:52

Well said! Best response is to create even more and better content.

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19.09.2019 11:34

Thanks, that is a good point.

19.09.2019 11:56

I agree with this. Very rarely have I had to downvote anyone, and only then was it because they were white supremacists attacking me personally. But in the end, I realised that it was just doing my rep score damage and so I have just decided to post my own stuff and hope people either like it or at least see the point of it.

19.09.2019 12:46

That's unfortunate, but I'm glad you came out the other side of it. Thanks for your comments!

19.09.2019 13:49