Building A New Workstation PC Part 4 | Motherboard

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Thank you for sharing this. Hey @insmartcodee check this account. It might help you
Looks like he has amazings stuff to learn about it

14.01.2020 20:11

Ok thank you

14.01.2020 20:13

You're welcome! Thanks for dropping by!

14.01.2020 20:22

Sweet! You can’t beat that built it yourself feel on putting together a rig, loving your choices so far. I built my boy a gaming pc back in late 2017, thanks to the awesome Steem SEO if you google c0ff33a gaming PC you will get all the posts I did on it. Even two years later it plays all the top titles and VR games super smooth - and whisper silent.

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14.01.2020 20:42

Nice, thanks for the comment!

I'll check them out.

14.01.2020 21:53

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