The way of the roses - Beautifulsunday

Which makes our day beautiful and wonderful, especially a Sunday.
This bed of roses is on an avenue, here in the center of my city, whenever I pass here I see a lady, I believe she is volunteer, caring with care of these flowers.


As the place is closed by bars, it cannot enter and the flow of vehicles here in this place is very large, which makes it impossible to take the photos, but today, Sunday, everything was quiet and I got some photos


These roses really are wonderful, yellow or red, with their petals like velvet and exude a delicious scent.
They are one of the most beautiful and perfect flowers that nature offers us, turning our day into beautifulsunday


Photos taken with Samsung Galaxy

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29.12.2019 22:06

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30.12.2019 01:45

Amazing red and yellow roses

30.12.2019 07:37

Thank you dear

31.12.2019 00:42

You welcome

31.12.2019 09:22

The roses are coming out very nice.

30.12.2019 14:06

Yes , are wonderful. Thank you dear friend

31.12.2019 00:43

You're welcome

31.12.2019 00:55