Some important points to avoid falling into Plagiarism

Hello to everyone on this platform I dare to make this publication even though I must clarify that I am not an expert in the matter, nevertheless I want to offer some recommendations to avoid falling into that this Very badly seen that is recognized as plagiarism.

I have made this contribution, even though I am not an expert in the field, because I believe that it is better to educate so that things do not happen.

A very basic concept of plagiarism, the following:

"From the Latin plagium, the term plagiarism mentions both the action and the effect of plagiarizing. This verb, on the other hand, refers to copying other people's works, usually without authorization or in a disguised way."Source


Edited ImageSource

Notice that I have placed the previous concept between (" ") quotes, and particularly I place it in italics and highlight it using the symbol > (at the time of editing). And it would look like this:


Place the source from which any reference is obtained, NOT OPTIONAL, read carefully the above. Why? Simply because by not doing so you are saying that it is yours, and it is not. Then you're committing a serious copyright infringement. Imagine you're doing a graduate work, someone steals it from you and says I did it on, "Would you like to?" I assume the answer to that would be no. Then "don't do it.

"What moves the world is not machines but ideas" and defending them against plagiarism "is a necessary battle for society". Leonardo Da Vinci Source

The same applies when you quote any paragraph of text, you must place the source. Or if you mention a sentence of some famous character, you must place its author, for the same reason in the case I bring here to exemplify, not only I place the author but the web page from where I have extracted it. Could someone accuse me of plagiarism in this case, when I am placing what is necessary to say that the phrase is not mine? By placing something in the publication you present and not placing the authorship, in case it is not yours, you are saying that it is yours. Is that clear? I hope so. Don't you know how to do it?** Here's a picture so you know what commands I used in editing...


There is an infraction in which many users fall in this platform, and it is in what we call paraphrase, probably you have fallen in this sometime, you must stop, because it is still a kind of plagiarism, if you do not know what it is, the concept below:

"Substitute words with synonyms, use different order be words, vary part of the speech and use active and passive voice."Source

In this case, someone could paraphrase something he has read, but he cannot, he must not fail to place the source. Because I'm going to insist on the following: those ideas are not yours, someone wrote them down, and you're owed respect. Now, for a publication to be all paraphrased from another article, is absurd. What is pursued on this platform is the creation of Original Content, and therefore generating economic benefits in the form of cryptomonies, so if you get benefits from something that is not yours, then it is not morally or ethically correct.



On the use of images:

We can use images for our publications, of course, they give it a look, a better presentation, they work for us to better illustrate our post. But, you can not use any image, the first we see on the Internet and already, even without placing the source. NO. The font, as in any writing, must be present. Just like it's placed for something that's not ours. There's something called right of authorship, which must be known, and it's also necessary to read about it.



Here I leave the link to a publication I made some time ago, in which you can see what it refers to:

¿Buscando la mejor imagen para tu blog?, Consigue Aquí algunos datos importantes - Primera ParteThis one is in Spanish, but with the use of the translator you can have at least access to the links of the different image banks that I leave there.

There are free image banks, of which we can make use without having problems with their authors, I have also made a few days ago a publication in which I place some of the main ones, here the link:

¿Estás buscando la mejor imagen para tu blog? Orientación importante para nuevos usuarios - Segunda parte (Note: this link refers to another platform)

As I finish this publication, I think I have covered a good part of the most frequent infractions committed on this platform, for which they could often be accused of Plagiarism. Regardless of whether they have this knowledge or not, if they violate this rule, they will be sanctioned.



Being accused of such an action can lead to being blacklisted, or blacklisted in ways that would make it difficult to receive voting support from some accounts that have high voting power, and the benefits would no longer be as expected. So you can be almost certain that your ship could slowly sink if you make these practices commonplace.

You also run the risk of receiving negative votes in your publications and leaving your posts without any benefit, in addition to lowering your reputation.

We are not talking about, as it could happen in the real world, you are going to be arrested or imprisoned for this action, but if you are caught in this you can then be on this platform quite uncomfortable, plus you might not have any benefits from it.

For the time being I'm saying goodbye. Hoping that this publication will serve as a bit of a guide for some...



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