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Hello Steem Steemians

Greetings to you all. Today I am happy to share the most beautiful memories of my celebration that occurred last year between I am my family.

Looking at the photograph above you will see me and my family standing. It was all fun last year when will all gather as a family to celebrate Xmas, and New year.

We all came from our different locations to the village to have a union as a family, I was a beautiful moment that year, because we all share gifts, live happy as a family, visit places as a family, ate, drank.

But as of this year we didn't gather as a family to celebrate Xmas and New year, due to some reasonings. Celebrating with family and friends is the best celebration that someone will ever have. So all those that are about to celebrate this New year as a family I am happy for you because a lot will enjoy. Happy New Year to you.

Thank You

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Greetings friend @josepha.

It's nice to share the end of the year with the family, I'm sorry that this year is not like that, hopefully better times will come where you will be together again enjoying Christmas and the end of the year to the fullest.

Thank you for your entry to the contest.

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27.12.2020 16:24

Thank you very much. Actually this year we all went far from home.

27.12.2020 20:34

Thank you very much.
Actually this year we
All went far from home.

                 - josepha

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Thank You

27.12.2020 23:58