I am different (Poem)



I start when everyone's done,
return to life after death,
I break the bonds of chronology.
and I'm a dad when everyone's a grandparent.

The alchemy of experience rescues me
of the biological limitations of the body
and I continue to sow long-term illusions
that I may never be able to enjoy.

I'm different because I go against the tide
in the face of the madness generated by survival
and the fugacity of feelings that bind
the human being to a bitter mortality.

I am like the phoenix that rescues from the flames
the impetus of dreams that are immortal
because they are not subject or limited by time
as they will transcend many beyond the flesh.

I am different because even being and existing
in this swarm of everyday schizophrenia
I don't belong to him, just as he doesn't own the land.
of everything in it that lives or is found.

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