Mina pre-sale on Coinlist

Today I will participate in ten more sales of a coin. These ten sales will take place on the Coinlist exchange. Coinlist crowdsales is starting to gain momentum again. We were lucky to have a handful in the best market all year round. Still, I have to say that there are some pretty high quality jewelery in these rare offers! A small reward for those who got over it!

Now, in about two months, we've already started the third sale. This time we are in a serious bull market and everyone is now a crypto expert and a master trader.

Previous Casper and Rally mass sales (and discount sales) were a better experience than oblivion. Horrible hours for Europe and a bona fide queue system that rewards gamers. Not sour grapes, I managed to get into both events.

This time, we have a mandatory entry queue system that we hope will reduce the number of people who come to the game with multiple browsers.

Mina is the project that received the support of the crowd this Tuesday. It's been an interesting project I've been following for quite some time, using Zk-snarks to download the entire blockchain to a single hash. After all, this is much more useful than requiring a complete instance to offer block validation of the entire chain! Without this verification, you should not trust that it is an unbroken and intact chain throughout.

Minds multiplies this verification to the current state with a zero information period. Therefore, each user only needs to have a copy of the current block for full validation. Of course, most people will not only use full nodes for Bitcoin or other blockchains, but if enough people don't use a full node, the decentralized advantage of blockchains will be nullified. Mina allows all users to use the full node that is at the kilobyte level!

This also opens dapps to perform simple, lightweight and custom verification of previous user signatures. This will be very useful for identity management, single sign-on and credit / asset verification.

An absolutely interesting project that could improve the backend of many existing real world systems. Most importantly, it allows verification without compromising the privacy of the organization requesting verification.

The MINA team learned from the recent crowd sales and worked with CoinList to better protect their queuing systems against people playing the system. I have no doubt that there will be people who still try the queuing system and play games, but at least they are actively trying to get around it. Also, with a nod to the demand of the community (or the plunderer ...), the upper limit is significantly lowered.

As always, these sales have KYC and restricted places. Unlike other sales, there is no lock for 6-12 months. I wonder if this is a good idea. Long-term lockdowns from other crowd sales limited the amount of instant dumping for those who were not followers of the project but were more interested in achieving a rapid return on investment. I still think these tokens really need to be time-bound, like investor sales and developer pots.

Fortunately, there is a better recommended queuing system and the sale is in the middle of the European afternoon! I thought this (hopefully) would be a much more enjoyable experience than the last two, but it didn't come that afternoon. Because the site was too crowded and the time it gave me was around 229.000. I have been on the site all the time since the morning and he gave me this order. After the sale started, the sale ended within three hours. Therefore, I could not get it. Clower coin will be sold on April 20, 2021. I recorded it. Let's see how my luck will be with him.

I am waiting for you all profits, likes and comments.

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