MIST IN THE EYES. (An Original Poetry)


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Her vision is tethered,
to the fog in the front,
clustered into doubts,
like images in a shattered glass,
whether we're ogres,
or dazzling princes,
but she's been supplanted,
by anachronistic perceptions
like a balloon puffed up in the air,
crashing with utter speed.

There's mist in the eyes,
a shrapnel that clogs,
the heart's very brilliance
alluring them to fading facades,
like a Firefly
admiring the permanence of snow,
there's a land ahead,
a Sweet land beyond the tornado,
but she's afraid of the flames
on the path to glory.

In transit, she's aware,
suddenly becoming;
of a whole new beauty
in the flames of a fire.
she was before befuddled
frightened of the gurgles
of baby thunders
that encapsulates the skies
alas she's beautifully blind
unaware of plain sight.

Sometimes blindness,
appears like the very light,
shading the vision of paradise,
like a tarpaulin
preventing the coruscate
of gnawing reality
into her thoughts

Till the end of days,
she's will rock back and forth,
like a grandfather's clock
etched in stagnancy movement
loitering by the banks
and never testing the tide
of opportunities
staring menacingly
at her feet stuck in the dirt.


Written By @Josediccus

Copyright © 2019

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