Who is Greta Thunberg, and why are you controversial?

Hello friends, since a while ago and I have been seeing that Greta Thunberg is going viral for the day she has been paying attention and you have to investigate, it turns out that she is a 16 year old native of Stockholm who is dedicated to activism against climate change.

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Greta's profit has become viralizing a little more than a year ago when the “We Don't Have Time” organization shows a lot of where a girl was coming from in the Swedish parliament calling for action against the climate change and from all of them to be moved. There are protests in different groups asking for more strict policies to prevent climate change.

De European Parliament from EU - Greta Thunberg at the Parliament, CC BY 2.0 Source
Greta drew on reading about these changes when I was about 8 years old and did not understand that I was going through anything that was blunt, which led her to a depression, the priests took her to a health professional whose diagnosis was different syndromes like Asperger's syndrome and obsessive compulsive disorder, which must be mentally destroying the poor creature.

Why is Greta so controversial?

Well to make it 16 years ago and behind it there are some industries that what you are looking for is the "Greenwashing of Money" you want to use Greta's picture and others to think that you are doing something against the climate change when in reality the culprits .

For example, We Don't Have Time is a Swedish company that projects itself as a social network for the climate change, which supposedly seeks to gather millions of people to take over the companies and the government.

We Don't Have Time is also dedicated to “ecological” advertising and carbon offsetting business in the United States, business that has been growing steadily in recent years.

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Climate change will affect us for sure, without a good ecology to survive what the business is going to happen in this world.

01.10.2019 17:04

A change is necessary, it is likely that despite the controversial Greta is, the message will be taken into account.

03.10.2019 16:59