Act of imposition of medals as a doctor


Hello friends, yesterday my medal imposition ceremony was held, the penultimate act before receiving the medical degree.

With my friends @jaboncitorubio
This act is to deliver the medals that are a very significant badge for the graduates since it means having satisfactorily reached the academic degree by which we dedicate much of our efforts during the last years.

With @jaboncitorubio
This medal identifies us as graduates of the Universidad De Oriente, an institution dedicated to the training of highly qualified and prestigious human resources that responds to the socio-cultural demands of the country.

The act began very early due to the large number of graduates, although there was a delay because of the rain, but despite the slow and tedious it was very beautiful, all the words of the authorities, the blessing of the father, the words of the graduates with honorable mention and the precious moment where we finally received the medals.

Although my relatives were not there and that not all my group of my friends managed to enter the event due to administrative issues, I felt super happy to have achieved one more goal.

With my Bff


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