Steem Cameroon Best day Contest 01/04/2021


My fellow steemians,
I want to appreciate the @steem-cameroom community for these wonderful opportunity given to me to talk about my best day just these past week. It's really a wonderful week and you will enjoy my story. I am particularly praying for you all that the same favour I had these past few weeks will be the same one you will all experience.

My Best Day

My best day was on 01/04/2021. It all started with a good news. I woke up on these faithful day at about 6:30am with a phone call from the office that my long awaited promotion has been approved and more to it I was told to report to the office as soon as possible (ASAP).

On my getting to the office, I was served with my promotion letter which came in with few benefits among which are an official house, car and a huge sum of money for my upkeep. Sincerely it was like a magic to me because it all happened too sudden.

More also, I was given a two weeks leave to Dubai. These journey will be possible within the first week of next month as my visa is on the process. Ernestly, these entire thing happened just the same day and I am overwhelmed with joy.

My friends and I celebrating after hearing the goodnews


I want to appreciate first and foremost God Almighty for making all these possible. I must confess I least expected these. I enjoy you all to celebrate with me because they joy is still full and I can't help than to celebrate it with you guys.

Thanks for reading...

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Congratulations bro . You will keep going higher every day in your job

10.04.2021 02:06

Thank you bro

10.04.2021 05:22