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Considerations on the meaning of the number 5

I accidentally found this:

Start: 28 - 07 -1914 = 5
Start: 01 - 09 -1939 = 5
Vietnam War
Start: 1 - 11 - 1955 = 5
The Russian invasion of Ukraine
Start: 24 - 02 -2022 = 5

Impressed by this intriguing coincidence, I decided to search a little further:

U.S.S.R. - Germany War
Start: 22 - 06 - 1941 = 25 (5 x 5)
Vietnam War
Start: 1 - 11 - 1955 = 5 (again)

I think it's a surprising coincidence.

In numerology this result is obtained by adding each digit until to get a single number; then:

Start: 28 - 07 -1914 = 2+8+0+7+1+9+1+4 = 32
and 32 = 3 + 2 = 5

So on for the rest of the dates.

In the case of the U.S.S.R. - Germany, the primary sum gives us 25 = 5 x 5
The final sum is 7 but it's surprising to find the number 5 involved in the result (five times five)

Falling in mysticism or esoterism we found this:

5 is represented as a pentagon in geometry


Then, we can draw a 5-pointed star by drawing lines between the vertices of the pentagon.

Now comes the interesting...

The five-pointed star has been used throughout the ages as an esoteric representation of the human being and by extension, represents humanity.

But the inverted star would represent badness, the devil for believers.


At this stage, we can establish a relationship between the human being and evil based on the number 5.
What does it mean that events as crucial as the world wars can be linked to the occult?
Interesting? Or not?
Now, the straw that broke the camel's back:
Suddenly I remembered, the United States Department of Defense headquarters building, is The Pentagon! (5 again)
Important to notice that is widely believed that the Masonic influence is evident in the configuration of Washington DC, the place where the Pentagon is situated.

I don't believe in witches but they exist, they exist...(LOL)

Have a nice day!

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