It is often said that those who enjoy the special favor of God or men are favored. To be favored is to be distinguished.
Each of us would like to be distinguished. Is that pride? No, if that distinguished and favored position comes from God, and not as a result of our own personal ambitions, or our selfish efforts to draw attention to ourselves.


Being totally honest, I love looking at how God distinguishes a person, especially if that person is me. I like to see God working for me, and I think that everyone feels the same way. I must admit that it is nice to see when God singles out someone by preferential treatment, especially in the presence of others.

This happens to all of us, at one time or another, particularly to those of us who wait for this to happen, which is why we ask God to do so.
For example, have you been in a long waiting line for a cash register in a supermarket, with the eagerness and, of course, the tremendous need to get out quickly? Have you ever prayed for God to help you by making your way out?

Sometimes, in such a situation, I have prayed saying to the Lord: "Father, please give me grace." Suddenly another box is put into service and the cashier says to me: “Madam, I take care of you here." Or maybe someone who is ahead with a cart full of food gets out of my way, saying: "Madam, you have only a few things to pay for, go first. "

If things like these have happened to you, you have received God's favor perhaps without realizing it. Just think of how many more of them can happen to you now that you know how to ask for them.

When this happens and he knows that it is a sign that he is being distinguished by God, and being the object of his favor, all he can say is "Thank you, Lord!"

God wants to give us his supernatural favor because it elicits genuine praise and thanksgiving.

You enjoy receiving God's favor. It seems that it does not happen as often as we would like. Part of the problem is us. We don't rejoice with the Lord as much as we should. We must have more freedom and less fear and legalism. There are so many things the Lord would love to do for us, but He can't because we don't ask Him. And one reason we don't ask is because we don't feel worthy and deserving. We go to God and ask for his special favor when we are already absolutely desperate, when we have gotten into a situation that we cannot possibly handle on our own.

The Lord wants to be personally involved in our lives. He wants to walk with us when we are in line in front of the cash register at the supermarket, and when we are stuck in the middle of a traffic jam and cannot move.

When I find myself in that situation, I pray, "Lord, please me in this situation." Often he drives a gap and allows me to get into the convenient line of vehicles.

Indeed, that is a good example of how we can sow seeds of natural favor for a harvest of supernatural favor. When we allow another driver to pass in front of us, we sow a seed for another to do the same with us.

There is nothing wrong with being the distinguished person if we are willing to allow others to also have the same opportunity to be distinguished by God. To be favored or distinguished is to allow the Lord to shine his light on us, for his glory. If we maintain the right attitude, if we allow others the same privileges that we enjoy, if we give God the glory instead of being proud and arrogant, he will continue to show his favor on us, and treat us as his favorites.


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When a person thinks that everything he receives in his life he must receive for pay, that person has forgotten the favor and grace of God. The person who is all looking to get paid is a slave person. The Bible says that a Christian, a child of God, even if he works for an ungodly man, must work as if he were working for God, because God is the one who gives the reward.

12.05.2021 02:03