The Viper

The Viper

Viper City Og x Forum Cookies

The Viper from Madrone Farms is some of the best cannabis I have had for a long time. Yes I have had some great stuff, but this flower tops the list. It truly is some fire. Which for this time of year, with all the craziness of the holidays, it sure is what the doctor ordered. This Beta-Caryophyllene Dominant strain is perfect to wipe away the X-mas blues.

Packaging 10/10

The 1/8th of cannabis flower was packed in a nice glass jar, perfect to reuse! Clear to read cannabanoid profile, along with the harvest, and package date. This is one of the few great things about legalization. For people who do not know someone who grows, or can't themselves, this is the next best option. There are a lot of sleazy people who are selling pesticide, and moldy ridden cannabis out there.

Bag appeal 10/10

Classic well grown indoor cannabis! Does not get better then this. Well maybe it can, but I am not going to knock this stuff. A beautiful hue of purple, coated with cannabanoid trichomes, with a nice mix of orange, but not to much. You can tell this was harvested at the right time.

Smell and taste 10/10

The cookies is really shining though on the nose, while the OG shines on the flavor. I find myself opening the jar every time I walk into the kitchen, just to smell! Not to mention, when it is night time, the only time I medicate, I pack bowl after bowl just to get more flavor. Oh yes it sure has been awhile since I have had flower so tasty, that I find myself smoking, even when I am a little to high already, yes I know, I have a problem.

Effect 10/10

Just delightful! What really shines on the buzz, is the 27.2 % THCa. As soon as I light my bowl, I can fell that THCa being converted to THC, and bringing a big smile to my face. After a little session, I just fell motivated and refreshed. Being in this mood gives me the energy to clean up the house. But even with this burst of energy, I still find this flower a great smoke for the evening, but I also could see it being a great one for the day.

Overall 8/10

Just a great flower. I would highly seek out Madrone Farms products. My only issue is the price. But with legalization here in California, it has brought high prices to the consumer. It is very expensive for people to produce legal cannabis. I do hope to see less taxes for the grower. This is just getting out of hand! I am currently not growing, but after a few visits to the cannabis clubs, I am just fed up with these prices. Just the other day I saw some flower for 80$ an eighth. Yes 80$! Never in my life have I seen prices like that. Also not to mention all of these company's being peddled by famous rappers, or woman dressed in next to nothing. Great cannabis speaks for itself. But hey, we wanted legalization, and they gave it to us. What was once something true and pure, has now sold out. But I know it could be worse, at least no one is going to jail. But if you asked me, the medical laws where perfect, legalization has fucked all that up. Maybe I am just old. Either way, smoke em if you got em, :)

6 more months till Steem Canna Fest 2!!



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Looks tasty!

21.12.2019 01:17

Yes, very tasty!

21.12.2019 17:37

Sounds delightful! Looks delicious too! Only reason we pay the prices we do is because of the laws. Sure would be nice if it was completely decriminalized and was growing every where like a weed!

21.12.2019 02:37

It is so crazy, cause over here it is growing everywhere, but it is still so god damn expensive. But it is way cheaper on the black market.

21.12.2019 17:38

I appreciate this service, and just realized you are a witness. You got my vote!

21.12.2019 22:41

very nice, I like!

21.12.2019 21:53

Thank you!

21.12.2019 22:40