So much for "No Dip November" and "Moonvember", am I right?!

What was supposed to be a great month for Bitcoin and Crypto hasn't materialized...

I can't tell you how many people I saw calling for massive numbers this month.

From the newbs spouting No Dip November like it was some set in stone fact, to the hardened crypto veterans calling for $98k by the end of the month.

Yes, I'm looking at you PlanB.



Bitcoin and Crypto has a way of inflicting the most pain on the greatest number of people, at least in terms of investing.

And guess what, everyone was on the same side of the trade so there was only one direction to go, down.

Well, here we are... so where do go from here?

My guess is that just about when everyone looses hope we will start to bounce again.

We may or may not be at that level currently, but we are probably close.

I still think we end the month higher than this and end the year significantly higher than this.

I'm just not so sure we hit those large numbers this year like some people seem to think...

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I'm cautiously optimistic we go higher. Chart looks poised for it...but I always think, the market can stay irrational longer than I can stay

Central banks are still pulling on that also makes me optimistic for higher prices. But the opposite is also soon as CB's makes credit less affordable...these prices are gonna look more expensive.

So pay off debt on the way up :)

19.11.2021 13:23