Lots more Bitcoin ETF applications for the SEC to rule on...

The SEC rejected the VanEck ETF application today, but there have plenty more to rule on...

Today wasn't a great day for bitcoin investors...

The SEC ruled, like usual, that they are protecting investors by not approving a bitcoin ETF (whatever that means).

Of course this was not good news in the markets as bitcoin made another leg lower on the news.

The good news?!

The SEC is going to have to make rulings on a bunch more over the coming months and every one is slightly different...


(Source: https://twitter.com/PeterMcCormack/status/1459229306220130307/photo/1)

The big ones to watch are the Ark one and the Grayscale one...

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12.11.2021 22:44

Hope good news is coming next week!

13.11.2021 01:06