A comparison between past bull markets and the current bull market...

This all the information you will ever need....

Want to see a side by side comparison of past bull markets with the one we are in right now?

Well, look no further!

Check it out:




(Source: https://twitter.com/valerio_job_/status/1460801415295688707/photo/3)


We are likely in the last pullback before the parabolic move begins.

The ultimate parabolic target looks to be somewhere around $250k.

The top happens somewhere between Dec of this year and August of next.

This is all based on the past patterns...

Comments 2

Indeed! We are going to be parabolic now. Bitcoin has shown some strength finally.

17.11.2021 19:26

Hopefully. This may be the final dip before the fun begins.

17.11.2021 23:44