My 1st promotion of Steemit

To all Steemians who come across and/or subscribe to my Steemit page, I thank you all very much for doing that. Yes, I did put up some videos from The Richie Allen Show (albeit with his details involved and credit made to him for his content) but for the future coming up, the content will only be from yours truly. I'll focus on the world of news stories not just from the world but from ultimately Scotland first, especially from a pro-Indy perspective like you have never seen before in other outlets.

Unlike what the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are doing lately with their increased censorship policies, this platform does not censor or shadow-ban you for your opinions. As a rising alternative platform with DTube included too, Steemit is now valuable as well as vital to an increasing amount of users who value the very concept of free speech and with their unique integration system, it is giving value to many users who visit the page, as much as the signing up process does need a lot of precaution! 

With the way things are changing in the world as we speak, I encourage many of you who give your time to read my articles on Steemit and watch my videos on DTube to share my content far and wide and you can comment down below whether you agree with my views or not. After all, that is what freedom of speech is all about. You can also feel free to visit my Wix website at if you want to check out my articles on the environment if you wish to along with the other sites I am on in case you are not able to view my videos on DTube. It is vital that we keep up the fight for our freedoms and not lose what we once held so dear to our hearts.

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