The Diary Game: 07-05-2021/Having My Online Class:How Well I Spent My Day!

Days are expensive. When you spend a day, you have one less day to spend. So make sure you spend each one wisely.

Jim Rohn

You may have heard it many times: how you spend your morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. So whether you are someone who wakes up at dawn to accomplish things or stops the snooze button of your alarm clock because you want to sleep more, remember, what you do will always have an impact to your moo the day.



The sun is out today so I decided to greet my plants in the garden. They have blossomed well and have grown beautifully. They really are a sight to behold. They bring us joy and pride.

After a quick chit - chat with my plants, I readied myself for school. I had to get there before 8:00 in the morning to prepare for my online class.



Since the virus is still a great threat, our school adapted both Modular Distance Learning (MDL) and Online Distance Learning (ODL). With ODL, we do synchronous and asynchronous activities. I am handling Science and we get to meet one hour every week leaving the kids with asynchronous activities for the rest of the week.


In the afternoon, we finished what we have started at the back of our building. We call this area, the Grade Five Park. We painted mushrooms on the wall to make it look good. It's a matter of choice between paying someone to do the work for us or doing the work ourselves and save our pennies. Guess what? We realized we don't have much so we decided to take the challenge. It turned out well I guess...the creativity in us.


After work, mother duties continue. At home, I prepared fried bangus or milk fish for dinner. Family time followed thereafter, catching up with the kids for my whole day absence.

I guess, that's all for today. How about you? What have you been doing today?

As always,

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You sure made good use of your time,
Very interesting reading about it.

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08.05.2021 10:03

Thank you @damzxyno. Time is precious so we better make good use of it.

08.05.2021 11:18

This explains why. Thank you @damzxyno

08.05.2021 16:11