How to Prepare PMA Long Coures Test online |PMA Test Preparation|

PMA Long Course test preparation is important to get recommended in PMA initial test. PMA Preparation guideline is here with details.
Mostly candidates facing problems about pma test pattern and syllabus and the were asking about.

  • What is the pma long course syllabus?
  • What is the test patern for pma long course?
  • What is PMA Long course initial test?
  • What is PMA verbal Intelligence Test?
  • What is PMA Non-verbal Intelligence Test?
    • PMA Long Course test academic Portion?
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Here is the answers about above given questions with details.

PMA Long Course Online Test Preparation

PMA Long Course Syllabus is important to check before preparation. Here is the PMA long course Syllabus details.

PMA Intelligence Test
Intelligence Test contains two types of tests.

Verbal Intelligence Test (85-100 Questions)
Non-Verbal Intelligence Test (85-100 Questions)

Before further academic tests, a candidate must have to pass these two tests. If a candidate fails to clear the PMA Intelligence test portion will get a message on the computer screen as “Batter luck next time.

PMA Academic Test

The academic portion of the PMA Long Couse Test is given below.

PMA Academic Test (40 Questions)

A candidate who successfully passes an intelligence test portion has to solve PMA Academic Test questions (40 Multiple choice questions).

PMA Academic Test Subjects

Initial test of PMA Long course & PMA graduate course consists of the academic test comprises of the following subjects or topics.

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Pakistan studies
  • General Knowledge
  • Islamiat

PMA Initial Test online preparation is required to clear all these stages on the E-Testing system. Here our team will provide you the best preparation platform for PMA long course Initial Test.

How To Solve PMA Initial Test Online?

A candidate can solve the PMA online test in 3 steps.

Verbal intelligence Test (85-100 MCQ’s)
Non-Verbal Intelligence Test (85-100 MCQ’s)
PMA Academic Test (40 MCQ’s)

What is PMA Verbal Intelligence Trest?

PMA Verbal Intelligence Test consists of MCQ’s related to |Series| such as

what will come next?
1/5, 2/5, 3/5, 4/5?

A)    6/5
B)    7/5
C)     1
D)    8/5

Answer is C) 1

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