Gore's Travel Plaza

Lets start back in time when this place was a dream. Floyd Gore opened a small Phillips 66 station in 1939. Talking to one of the owners he told me that his Great Grampa always had a dream of opening a station like they have now, when he opened his first place back in 1939. Its only fitting that they have Sonic as a cornerstone of there business. Sonic started in Oklahoma and has really captured that era of drive-ins from days gone by. They have even did something that no one else has did with a Sonic, they have put in a Semi drive-thru for the over sized vehicle that can't fit in the regular drive-thru and the car stalls.

This new location opened in October 2015. They owned this piece of land for a few years before they started on construction of this state of the art truck stop that welcome all travelers. From what I can tell they have put a lot of thought into this place. They have 14 gas pumps for automobiles, 8 pumps for semi-trucks, 4 pumps for off-road diesel. They even have plenty of truck parking over 100 spaces and car parking for the ones that want to say awhile.

I think gourds Travel Plaza is doing a great job adding flexibility and really understanding the market that they are in just look at their ways they have set up their dining experience you can have
a coffee house experience with indoor or patio setting in a hurry they have a drive up window to grab and go pulling a camper no problem could even bring a semi truck with trailer they'll bring
the order out to you and you can be on your way if you want to stay a while there's plenty of parking maybe you want more of a convenience store to grab and go they have that too of course I will just lean more towards it's a small-town grocery store they did tell me that they try to keep all the prices to a grocery comparable pricing.

Now Sonic is on the other side of the Travel Plaza they have the same kind of setup as the coffee shop but they also have car spots to park in and they bring the food to you you know some of that old-fashioned experience is still alive now for some they probably would say that the drivers room is smaller than other truck stops now I would have to agree with them but you have to remember
that a lot of these older truck stops you know when everyone was dreaming of having a TV in their truck if you wanted to watch something you had to comeinside it's just like them little rooms with the telephone inside them a lot of them are gone too I think it's the right size for the need there was an older truck driver that I'd met new he would love to use this truck stop he always talked about a little truck stop that he would do his laundry at during his 34 hour break.

I could see him sitting back and the recliner folding his clothes watching TV to shower rooms for the size of this truck stop is small but I really don't see a problem with that either I also like the room with all the items for the automotive and truck with some clothing. I think having it separate from the food items was a good idea there is one more room that they have that I should talk about this room has a barber shop in it now this you only see in bigger truck stops in conclusion I think many from the town of 900 use this as their local watering hole it's a great how they were able to design this Travel Plaza with several types of travelers in mind if you're in the area you should stop by.

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