How can Prestashop Advanced Wishlist Addon help the e-commerce Store Owners?

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+Features of Updated Prestashop save for later extension Version 1.0.5 for PS 1.6 version:%0A%0A1. The e-merchant is allowed to fix the pagination limit from the admin interface of Prestashop advanced wishlist addon. This way the online merchant can set the number of shortlisted products at every wishlist page.%0A!%5B2.1 General settings.png%5D()%0A2. The online users can share their wishlist with their friends on Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.%0A!%5B9 Social Sharing.png%5D()%0A3. This Prestashop advanced wishlist addon has a userfriendly and eye-catchy interface.%0A%0A4. The Prestashop wishlist addon has a mobile-responsive interface.%0A!%5B10 whatsapp.png%5D()%0A5. The Prestashop advanced wishlist addon shows a special %22Wishlist%22 tab.%0A!%5B8 wishlist tab.png%5D()%0A6. The online users can now view the wishlist on the checkout page.%0A!%5B11 Fr Cart page.png%5D()%0A7. The customers can add available products from wishlist and also remove any product from cart to wishlist if he wishes to do so.%0A!%5B12move to wishlist.png%5D()%0A8. The Prestashop advanced wishlist addon is multi-lingual compatible and offers multi-store support.%0A%0A

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-Wishlist Addon Video Tutorial%5D(
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