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Being the CEO and father of Vectorium, Enea brings forth a prestigious scene in the areas of business and engineering. One of the corporations that he established is named BenediXit, the corporation which give companies for Financial software development, blockchain infrastrucutre, energy package and MS OTP Brokering. Another organization where Enea served as a Director and the Country coach was Sella World company. It's the business organization which offers an array of services , e.g., leasing, loaning, business, finance, and so on.

It is the redeemable coinage with this choice to be exchanged to different crypto or fiat currencies. Vectorium Plus is equipped with the Proof of Stake system that would allow coin holders to get the payment of up to 20 percent of coins under administration as an annual payment. This is not all, after 4 years of hodling Vectorium Plus can be the opportunity to convert the currency into collective assets. “We're all affected in the bad condition of this planet, environmentally-wise. Now it's time to make the choice and make the change. Be part of this answer, do not participate in this death. Unite us in Vector, connect us at our IEO and never leave. In crypto life we hope. This option is yours.” —said Enea Benedetto, the CEO, and father of Vectorium.

Vectorium Flash is the mineable coin using the whole new blockchain application. It's the core asset of this current Crypto life program that can take us into the new era. Vectorium instant is the Equihash found coin mineable from everyone, and it's using the newest Zcash 2.0 codebase applying sapling and overwinter safety assistance. The faster blocktime allows you to send and get coins in the moment of milli seconds.


The fascinating thing about this coin is that it is supported by the energy that is used for this system to make it. This program permits users to burn'' Vectorium Flash coins for the fix amount of energy which is generated by one of the Vector Islands or by the other energy maker who is a part of the Vectorium ecosystem. These burnt coins may be exchanged for life payment coupons which are given within 12 months from the petition or for Vectorium Plus coins.

Vectorium equals concentrating on what they termed "stuff to coinage". In the simplified word, it means generating coins from the material or generating life and cryptocurrency from the animals and plants material. Vectorium with the method would make it possible for people to create the renewable energy from the wastes in them. That renewable energy are not detrimental to the environment unlike life generated from fossil fuels; all these are reasons why the work of Vectorium Plus is blockchain established Coin, It employs the idea of material to coinage (WTC) .It constitutes the Coin generated from green energy demand enables users to keep their Values and enhances with Proof of Stake System. Rgw Blockchain technology plus (AI) Artificial intelligence algorithm can be combined together to accomplish the purpose of usage of material into life and Cryptocurrency. Waste to Coin (WTC) can change power production and creating various kinds of combustible fuel .e.g alcohol, gas, fuel and more.

Vectorium land is the home where material is being processed into Cryptocurrency. It is the place where the knowledge of material To Coin happen. It implements Blockchain and Al formula to produce energy through Wind, Solar, or other ways of material energy production. Vecotorium structure comprises of 2 native coins. Which includes: Vectorium Flash which is evidence of business found (POW) and Vectorum that utilizes Plus evidence of interest (POS). All these Blockchain based coins can be produced in correlation with energy production.

That is the 2nd coin of the Vectorium system. Unlike the previous figure, However, Vectorium Plus (VCTP) is using the evidence of Stake consensus formula. Vectorium addition holders would remain entitled to dividends which amount to 20 percent of any income which is generated from these Vectorium Islands at this preceding year. This benefit can be spread in the form of Vectorium Plus.

Even more interestingly, this program's documents reveal that in four years, those who have Vectorium Plus can turn into real owners of Vectorium Islands from their holdings 'amount. So if you have 10% of the overall supply, you could have 10 percent the Vectorium Islands once the
percent a stake share, also called wallet payment. It's given annually for 4 years dependent on the assets which is put. Essentially, the more coins are staked, the more benefit the investor can make.With much big benefits tied to this Vectorium blockchain, it is no surprise that more investors are ready to cut in. Vectorium eventually announced that they have hit their delicate top of $ 1,502,500 on this 31st of July, 2019. Vectorium celebrates the success by giving the message on their website for all to look.

MOBILINK-COIN sale system is as follows: A sum of 9 billion (9,000,000,000) coins can be provided. Pre-ICO selling is slated to be February 20th, 2018; 600 million coins up to $ 36 million USD with the payment of 25 percent would be provided.


Vectorium Islands represent locations at which collectivity will produce renewable energy and digital currency. Those Islands produce power life value combining solar, wind, and material by the moral system governed by the blockchain and Al. Remember the world where excesses grow good, the ecosystem where environmental lifecycle produces wealth, and the planet where the reuse of material betters the lives of communities. Understanding all that is already feasible. This combination of information, software, and hardware has taken this world to a different VECTORIUM point.

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