Here’s What Makes BBOD a High-Speed and Non-custodial Cryptocurrency Futures Trading Platform


BBOD Overview
Blockchain Board of Derivatives is what is abbreviated as BBOD, and it can be said to be a hybrid, semi-decentralized cryptocurrency futures trading platform launched to offer a real-time, ultra-speedy matching engine in combination with a decentralized, protected blockchain-oriented settlement solely managed by clients.

Accepts deposits in the stable coin TrueUSD (TUSD) and offers futures trading on 16 cryptocurrencies against TUSD, enabling one to trade over 100 different cryptocurrency contracts in total, on both rising and falling cryptocurrency prices. The hybrid architecture of BBOD provides the user experience of a centralized trading platform even as it is offering the privacy and security of a decentralized exchange .

Why Join the BBOD Project
There are many things you will gain when you decide to be a member of the BBOD vision. Highlighted below are some of the benefits that await you when you choose to join the platform.

1. Non-custodial Accounts
The non-custodian accounts offered on the platform will make you stay anonymous and safe with your own smart contract wallet on the Ethereum blockchain. This is visible because BBOD doesn’t hold any of the digital assets of their clients or even their private keys.

2. BBOD Guarantees Zero-Fee Crypto Trading
With the project, you are guaranteed $0.00 trading fee. You can also make limitless commission-free trades on perpetual futures contracts you pay off using BBD. Another great thing about this wonderful BBOD project is that as of 10th December 2019, you will enjoy zero commission fees and a 60% discount. What a great advantage!

3. Opportunity to Leverage Altcoins Trading
When you join the BBOD trading community, you can trade altcoins with leverage at different cryptocurrency derivatives marketplace. Moreover, you will have the benefit of exploring an abundance of continuous contracts on altcoins and majors to discover additional opportunities and branch out your portfolio.

4. The Stablecoin Collateral
This is an opportunity for you to trade all the available futures using only one wallet and still stay totally prevented against the towering volatility of the cryptocurrency markets while your account balance, losses, and profits will be paid in the stable coin TrueUDS (TUSD).

Key Features of Platform provides more than one hundred trading variants created on sixteen well-known cryptocurrencies. On this platform, traders will have the chance to purchase and sell futures contracts on sixteen carefully chosen cryptocurrencies versus TrueUSD (TUSD). On the other hand, clients will be able to create more than one hundred diverse trading variants of futures contract pairs.

1. Ground-breaking Products
The roadmap of BBOD consists of the growth and improvement of a lot of sophisticated products. Providing trading products that will meet the needs of the fast-developing crypto community is the ultimate goal of. Advancing in this campaign, BBOD will launch:
• Stocks
• Future contracts on indices
• Vanilla options
• Commodities
• Some other classy trading products customized for the specialized traders.

2. Steady Deposit Currency
On the BBOD, margin requirements, account balances, losses, and profits are denominated in the ever-constant TrueUSD (TUSD) cryptocurrency. This matchless feature gets rid of the extensive exchange rate risk archetypal for extremely high unpredictability cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin .

For instance, a trader may receive 30% on a Bitcoin futures contract in adverse market conditions, and lose 50% on his deposit in Bitcoin.

3. Utilize Leverage to Maximize Your Profit Potential
provides up to 50x leverage on the extremely liquid contracts and up to 20x leverage on other available contracts. As a result, if, for instance, a trader happens to deposit 100 TUSD, such a trader is capable of safely trading contracts amounting to quite a lot of TUSD using leverage.

4. Hedging, Speculation, and Long-Term Investment
Short-term speculators will possibly wish to trade perpetual futures contracts that give the maximum liquidity. Long-term investors and hedgers and long-term investors like miners would prefer the BBOD standard futures contracts that are free of funding fees.

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