EMRX Token: What is behind it?


In 2014, Emirex was created. At the time, fewer people knew Blockchain and Bitcoin itself as software. They fostered Emirex, witnessing recessions in the industry and growing to new heights. The company's growth has always been the top priority for us, not the excitement ICO race.

Once we decided to conduct the IEO at the end of 2019, we took all kinds of positive and negative effects as a business and product on the Emirex. As more and more businesses turn to the digital format of their properties, now is the time to do so. This is not because of the hype or something, but because of fundamental changes in the business world right now. Scam schemes have already been implemented, and only those who can give this sector a genuine commodity can succeed.

Next, though, you will know what lies behind the EMRX Token . Let's go through it. Let's go through it.

General information
• What is EMRX
• Token Supply
• Token Allowance
• Funds Use

EMRX is specially designed for security and extension of use:
• Cryptodust
• Group Voting System
• Lock-ups and Vesting
• Token Burn
• User Reward Program

What is EMRX ?

Online marketplaces and networks face the biggest challenge in scaling. The network effect is to be achieved by all online platforms: ensuring that the strategic value and positioning of the platform are correlated directly with the number of users. Moreover, the network impact is involved and leads to exponential growth.

We need to encourage existing stakeholders and attract a large community of traders, investors, issuers, and partners to achieve this network impact. We issued EMRX to accomplish this.


EMRX is structured around the utility provided by EMRX. It creates a spiral of growth through the integrated process whereby EMRX is earned to the participants of the ecosystem. The main EMRX fee is the opportunity to pay decent discounts for the Emirex Group's products and services. If they pay transaction fees, listing charges, or application charges in EMRX, the user receives a discount. Priority participation in IEO projects will also apply to them.

The stock of Token

The EMIREX tokens are not limited to five hundred thousand thousand. It is released as an ERC-20 token that complies with the public blockchain Ethereum.

Token Allocation

The total EMRX supply will be distributed between various stakeholders. Their goal is to align different groups ' interests in order to reap the advantages of Emirex's ecosystem growth over the long term.

All assets collected from the EMRX token campaign are exclusively intended for the Emirex Group's development. Funds will be used to the following extent: 30 percent— IT and Technology goods of the highest standard and 30 percent — for international marketing of Emirex products and services, while concentrating on becoming a pioneer in the Middle East.

20% — Investment in strategic initiatives to enhance the Emirex ecosystem.
10% — Law, compliance, and any other costs of operation.
10% — hidden in a mix of fiat and digital safe assets to cope with possible emergencies.

Lock-ups and vesting

The tokens reserved to Emirex Group, Members, and Reserves shall include the lock-ups and vesting lock-ups. This underlines our long-standing commitment to the development of the most advanced digital assets ecosystem. The team is motivated to work hard to build a sustainable and efficient business, as our bonuses are awarded on a three-year basis.

Vesting is managed by the smart EMRX token contract and is structured as follows: 5% a quarter, vesting Long-form Participants for five years, — 10% a quarter vesting in Token Reserves for 2,5 years — Available to ensure time-limited viability.

To see more information of company look on here

Website Address : https://emirex.com/
Bitcointalk Profile URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2286358
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/DqGU61OCcKlwpg073YO0fA
Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/emirex.official/
Emirex ID: ID4776136567
Twitter page: https://twitter.com/EMIREX_OFFICIAL
BitcoinTalk Account: SilentMonitor641

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