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The innovation of the internet and its various usages can be seen in our daily life. As the world of information and networking system changing and evolving rapidly, we are continuously searching for solutions that will make our daily lives easier. As we are living the era of the internet, we expect to have a continuous and secured network system that will provide the user with better management of data transmission. Also, the business enterprises look for solution to their advertisement efficiency. The Stackscity is projected that is constructing a system of free WiFi networks that will benefit the web users as well as rewards for the user for advertising.

The Stackscity will be aiming to build an ecosystem with decentralized and secured intelligent WiFi advertising that will bring attention to the demand of internet users in an open area. It will also produce a flow of income for the owners of routers. The most prominent feature of the project is to provide a competent, precise, and transparent solution to the advertisers. This feature is achieved through optimizing the joined benefits of area-based advertising, sharing economy, and blockchain technology.

Stackscity in application:
The Stackscity project brings enormous benefits to the individual user and business entities in connecting into a secured network and gains for the advertisers from advertising in a cost-effective way.

Individual owned WiFi hotspot:
These hosts can gain all the benefits from the router they own. These hotspots are utilized by the advertisers to make geographical selection of their advertisement. The traffic data will be recorded from real-time connections. The advertiser depending on the information on traffic data, location, etc. will choose the desired hotspot for advertisement.

Commercial WiFi structure:
Based on the investment amount, the Stackscity platform will invest in the infrastructure of the hotspot for large commercial and residential complexes along with the user of Stackscity, and there will be a fair allocation of profit.

Process of Stackscity:
From the Stackscity platform, the users will connect their smart devices to free open WiFi networks. There will be an ad on the log-in page before getting full access to the internet. The advertisement that is shown on the log-in page is provided by the prepaid advertisers who have won from competitive bidding to display their advertisement on the log-in page as a priority. The host of the WiFi hotspot will be receiving an auto-payment in the form of a cryptocurrency named Stackstoken from the advertisers for every view on the advertisement shown on the log-in page.

Elements in the Stackscity system:
How the actors in the Stackscity will woking in the system is given below:
• Advertisers: The location that is selected from the Stackccity website is in line with a real-world map interface, and the advertiser will select the desired location of the WiFi hotspot from the web management panel. They will set their bidding price and the desired budget for a single operation. And in the auction, the highest bidder will win from this competitive bidding, which reflects the market price. After taking the approval of the user’s content, the advertisement will be published.

• Owner of router/WiFi: the owner of the router has to go through a sign-up process to be enlisted in the Stacks smart WiFi system. After the sign-up process, the installation is easy. The user has to link the Stack router with the user’s existing smart device. With the Stackrouter, the user will be able to get traffic data visibility from the WiFi hotspot . The owner of the Stackrouter will be receiving a stream of income through the WiFi hotspot sharing in the ecosystem.

• User of WiFi: To get into a secured connection of the Stackscity network platform, the web user has to search for a WiFi hotspot in the Smart device and will select the WiFi hotspot that starts with “StackCity.” After entering the SMS verification code and viewing an ad with no requirement for purchase, the user will gain access to the StackCity network. This network system is more efficient, secure, and stable, unlike the public WiFi hotspots.

Anyone can become the host of the Stackcity ecosystem and generate income through sharing the hotspot among other web users. The StackCity is a unique project with a mission to develop a city with expanded WiFi hotspot for the community, which is secured and stable along with the advertisers and users to generate a stream of income.

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