Contest : Best Moment of your life || by @johnkuzzu

There come moments in life when i am truly happy and excited.
Life itself is never a peaceful journey, it is a mixture of both sorrow and happiness. And i usually experience certain emotions which become life long memories, it can be a happy or sad one.


About the happiest moment of my life
The happiest moment of my life was 2yrs ago when i passed my WAEC (West African Examination Council) you know this exam is the exam that you will write last in secondary school and you know if you fail it will be a shame to you.
Unlike others, my life has happy and sad moments, but to think of the happiest, I could remember is and example that happened 2yrs ago.
I was waiting for my WAEC result (West African examination Council). I was not having high hopes that i will pass the exam as I was sick during my WAEC exams. I was suffering from malaria and typhoid and could hardly study much before my WAEC exams.
My mother was worried about my health and my results, but my father who has always taught me to be disciplined and have self-confident had faith that I would pass with flying colors.
To my surprise, my father was right, when i checked my result i never beleived what i saw, behold I passed with flying colors and i was very excited. my parents, my siblings and my relations all congratulated felt proud of me and told me some words of encouragement. I felt proud of my self as i got 9credict in all of my subject.

Seeing my efforts being paid off well and looking at my parents, my siblings and my relations happiness, I was completely happy and proud of myself.
I consider that as one of the happiest and best moments in life because i never beleived i could pass that exams with flying colours.

How has my happiest moment affect my life
It has change my life positively because if had not pass my WAEC Exam i would not have been in the university today all thanks to that great momet.

Why do i regard is as my happiest moment
I regard it as my happiest moment because passing that exams has helped me alot in my life, infact if i had not pass that exam i dont know how my life would have been today.

In conclusion

In my professional life too, I think being disciplined and being prepared for the things of the world will help me a lot.
My dad taught me a lof of valuable lessons, which i beleive will help me alot and also make a positive impact in my life.

I am also inviting @simonnwigwe, @josepha and @chaalee to participate in this great contest

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Best of luck to you

23.04.2021 12:00

Thank you sir @josepha

24.04.2021 06:52

Indeed the happiness of passing exam is a different thing.
I can relate to that.
Thank you for participating

24.04.2021 17:32