Multiple game play effects for the player

When they are still children, it is common for them to see familiarity among members of the children's community and there are many games played by children together with their friends in the yard or on the terrace of the house or in the field. Children play in groups, run around, there is even a type of game that can be played by just sitting in a circle and playing one of the games so that intimacy is created and gets to know each other among the children. If you look at it from the point of view of its creation, this game because it was created a long time ago is called a traditional game, while on the other hand some of the more late games which usually use sophisticated equipment are called modern games and are widely known today.

In the game world, there are good sides and bad sides, so you need proper control when playing the game. When playing games, children can train their brains and train cooperation. In addition, in certain types of games, it can also be used to train patience and it can also be seen in English language skills for people who do not use English in daily conversations on a daily basis.

But on the other hand, when playing games excessively, it will cause various kinds of negative effects for children and for parents. When playing games becomes routine and there is no control, it will make gamers addicted which is similar to drug addiction. There are also other negative effects when playing games and not wearing eye protection, it will be bad for eye health. In addition to the two negative effects, there are also effects on the body, because when playing games the body usually does not move much and is often accompanied by snacks so that it can cause obsession so that when playing games it should be limited and not too excessive.

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