Before this huge improvement, filling water jugs was a difficult and time consuming task. It involved filling one small bottle at a time and emptying it into the larger container...very slow. Now, it pours out the end of our pipe,straight into any container.


It was relatively easy. I first took a five foot piece of half inch PVC pipe and drilled a few holes at the far end out the pipe. This will allow for as much water as possible to enter the pipe from any direction.

When we arrived at the spring, I began by digging the dirt back to gain better access to the main source of it.


After clearing the entrance, I then poked my pipe into the whole every which way I could until I was receiving the largest amount of water from the pipe. After finding the sweet spot with maximum water flow, I walked a short distance to a place in the spring that has natural clay and grabbed a couple handfuls. I used this to build a small basin around the spring and pipe to allow for even better flow from the slight build up of water pressure.



The end result is a beautiful flow of water delivering about 1 gallon(4 liters) per minute. This is even during our dry summer and expect it to be considerably more during spring and early summer.


This made Evan so happy as he has been wanting his own place to hang out. It started as a simple structure consisting of a few "tree poles"....


Then the frame was wrapped with some cheap tarps I picked up from our local Farm and Home store. I didn't get enough to cover it entirely, so we will need another one or two tarps.




It's total demensions are about 25 feet(9 meters) across and about 6 feet(2 meters) in the center. More then enough room for Evan his friends and the farm hounds.😁😁


is going great also!! Here's a couple pictures of us reading his history book.



Thanks again everyone, for stopping in as I continually update our progress as we move toward making our new homestead a self sustaining dream. We love you all and with you each the best as we send our love your ways.

All pictures are my own, taken with my Kyocera phone.

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Very nice. Where is the herb garden ? Or root veg garden ? Heh

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17.09.2019 01:12

We have started the herb/root(medicine) garden and look forward to tending it come next spring dear friend. It 8s on the other end of the farm.

17.09.2019 15:47

grow any super sweet tomatoes?

17.09.2019 16:04

as for root veggies.. what about gingseng / maca / tonkat ali ?

17.09.2019 16:05

Ginseng we got already. But we have a long way to go before we have all the different medicines we want.

18.09.2019 23:15

Father and Sonnhaving a great time out

17.09.2019 01:45

Yeah, brother, we really do love it there. So much better then city living. Glad you stopped by. How have you been doing? And your family?

17.09.2019 15:50

I am good John abd the family is doing great too.

17.09.2019 21:58

that's wonderful happening's now brother, so you don't have to worry about the water because it will provide a gallon per minute. But thw environment is what really amazed me, beautiful trees.

so now you have water, I'm expecting that plowing field and planting plants is the next.

have a nice day my friend..

17.09.2019 04:16

Well, we are heading into fall, so no planting till spring. We will keep working on these small improvements. Once the leaves fall of the trees, we will pick a site for home to be and begin preparing that. It will start with clearing the trees in that area. I hope you have a nice day as well dear brother.

17.09.2019 15:52

fall and winter can plant tulips right? haha

21.09.2019 08:51
@miti curation project.png
17.09.2019 06:38

Thank you my dear friend. I hope you enjoyed the read!πŸ€—

17.09.2019 15:46

You're welcome... and I certainly did! ;-)

17.09.2019 19:18

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I found this post thanks to @miti-blog work, and his Curation Project: Undervalued Deserving Contents. Your work deserves way better, I'm happy to give you my upvote. Cheers, Nicola @knfitaly


Coltellinaio per passione e non solo...

Trentino - Italy

17.09.2019 20:40

Thanks so much. It really means a lot! I'm not that great at this while blogging deal and I'm mainly documenting our family's lives so my kids will always have it. So, it's definitely not about the rewards. Although they are a wonderful added bonus as my steem account will be passed along when i am gone. Thanks again and i hope to see you around again.πŸ€—

18.09.2019 23:18

Hi, @johndoer123, I'm letting you know I recommended this post in the @pifc contest this week. I love seeing your progress and hope you will keep posting it. Loving how happy you son looks too :)

18.09.2019 14:44

Thanks my dear friend!!! Not sure if it's good enough for all that.😁 But I'll take it absolutely. I will definitely keep posting as I am using this as a way not only to document our lives for my kids,but also as an accountability partner. This way, I will keep at so i have new stuff to post. Do you mind if i ask how you came across my place here? I hope you have a great week, and thanks again, so much!πŸ€—

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Awesome! I'll take that. Thank you so much. Of course i upvoted you because this is an awesome idea you have!

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19.09.2019 02:46

What a nice blue Teepee you have here @johndoer123 .. and whoaa amazing school for Evan tooπŸ˜‰ I like to see the progress of your homesteading life, it's like reading and adventure story.

19.09.2019 16:01

It's like living in an adventure story! Every day is neat and amazing. Evan is so happy.

23.09.2019 14:44

It's your happiness to see him happy too... enjoy your adventures πŸ˜‰

23.09.2019 14:51


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23.09.2019 14:47

What a great post! Homesteading is hard work, but so rewarding. I spent some time off-grid a few years ago - loved almost everything about it. I'm stuck in the city now - would definitely prefer it where you are.

I found you because @fitinfunfood featured you in the Pay It Forward Curation Contest. Keep up the good work!

22.09.2019 04:03

Thank you for your kind words! I hope some day you'll be able to get back to the country living. It is so rewarding, you are right. We are having a blast and working our butts into the ground. Thanks for swinging in. I hope you'll stop in regularly and also i hope your week is filled with love and peaceful vibrations.πŸ€—

23.09.2019 14:50

So happy this place has turned out to be 'the one'

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