We had our first snow at the homestead since purchasing it (and cold snap too). We received about three inches of snow with a slick sheet of ice from freezing rain before it came. The road conditions made for some rough travel and it took me about three hours to get there when normally it takes twenty five minutes.


The temperatures dropped dramatically as well! The low temperatures were around 10 degrees Fahrenheit.(that's -12 degrees Celsius for the rest of the world.) I enjoy the cold weather so it is a welcome gift to me!


You might have noticed in the pictures above that the leaves have abandoned their trees to be turned into soil. This is an amazing time for us as it means we will now be able to pick where, exactly, we will be building our home.

I needed the leaves off the trees because the forest is so dense I could not see the layout of the land very well. Also, I do not want the house to be able to be seen from the road. This will not be a problem anywhere in the woods during summer...but once the leaves fall it's amazing how much the forest opens up and it's deep places becomes visible.


See what I mean? These are two pictures taken of the same forest. The only difference is the time of year. See how far you can see into the woods during winter? It's so beautiful isn't it?

In the next week or so I will be spending time scouting out our new homesite. No final decisions will be made until after the survey is finalized and the property lines are no longer in dispute. But it will be nice to fully explore the new unseen treasures the forest has thus far kept hidden.


When I bought the homestead there were a few tree stands for hunting already on the property. And after hunting for a while I have decided to use one of those stands in a new place in an attempt to get me closer to the deer.


As you can see it also has a pretty amazing view. So this was a complete win-win situation. I hunted out of it for the first time today and it was so nice I didn't even mind being rained on in the cold. I'm really thinking this spot will improve my opportunities to take more shots and therefore get more food.

I recently got a big up to my SBI shares so my post are becoming a little more profitable. So curation should also go up. So make sure if you autovote to be set at 3-4 minutes to maximize your vote value! And thank you all for continuing to support me. I hope each of you have a lovely week this week.🤗🤗🤗

All pictures are mine taken with my Kyocera phone.

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Miss 3 would love to go running through that snow. She'd go nuts for it!

18.11.2019 03:50

Do you all get snow down that way? I didn't think yous did....but i have a very narrow wealth of knowledge about the down under.😁

21.11.2019 00:50

We do, though not nearly to the levels you're seeing there around our house. Usually we have to travel a little bit to get to the snow

22.11.2019 09:27

What kind of dreaming land I seen here? Is this kinda evan's adventures 😉 ... I can't imagine how cold it is... but this is a beautiful place to spend time.. hunting, farming, etc... Good Luck on hunting your food @johndoer123

18.11.2019 05:09

Thanks my dearest friend! I wish i could get you and your husband here to see it!! But yes, it is very cold!! Yous would need extra clothes! Evan loves it so much. But now that it's cold and hunting time, he doesn't get to play too much.

21.11.2019 01:00

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18.11.2019 06:44

Your property is an exciting treasure that can surprise you in many ways @johndoer123 I am happy for you and your activities this winter season inn your place.

18.11.2019 23:13

Thank you friend. I really truly wish you could come enjoy hunting with me. I wonder if i could send you deer meat?🤔 I could send jerky so it would stay good for a long time.

21.11.2019 01:05

@untersatz curate

21.11.2019 02:23
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