Source## And we are going to need a few beta testers to help me look for bugs and to make suggestions to improve our program. The level of involvement is solely up to you and can take as little as a few minutes a day. However, I am pourng my heart, time, and a small fortune(for me anyway) behind this idea because I believe the children and their hard working, sacrificing parents really truly deserve this service.

For these reasons ideally I would love to find as many individuals as possible that would look at this as a huge boost to home/unschoolers and Steem as well. I would love to have a small group of enthusiastic fun loving home teachers be involved in these final stages of development.


Okay, okay, I'll cut to the chase....As many selfschooled households know in some areas there are legal requirements concerning documenting and maintaining records of time spent/subjects covered by the child's parent/teacher. It is a very important aspect of homeschooling as these records at times may have to be made available to possibly multiple entities. THESE RECORDS ARE OF THE UTMOST IMPORTANCE TO SOME HOME/UNSCHOOLERS AND MUST NEVER BE LOST OR COMPRIMISED.


  • First, the old tried and true method of pen and paper. Which is wonderful, as long as there is never a fire or flood or hurricane...I think you can see my point.

  • Then of course there is our new technologies like electronic notebooks, cloud storage and so on. Also sound great...unless you lose that notebook or it breaks. And the cloud, maybe you can get it for free, but you will never own that account and are subject to lose it any time the owning company decides you have violated ToS or changes them to be able to eliminate target accounts.(YouTube anyone?😁)

  • Some other methods do exist, but most I saw involved the cost of a subscription and others didn't seem(to me) very user friendly...and NONE of them were on the Steem block chain!!!


    Advantages over the old ways....

  • First, no natural disasters are going to destroy our block chain. Plus you probably won't misplace the Steem Block chain or have a younger sibling paint it up for you.😁

  • Then there is the fact that when storing data to our beautifully designed chain, you really OWN your account. That means no bans, or deleted accounts or content. Your data, is just that..YOURS.

    • Now to tackle the last sticky part of the equation...subscription fees and ease of use. Simply put there are NO subscriptions fees. As a matter of fact, My service will be completely free to use.(including account creation) And to take it a step further we want to say thank you to all the parents who make the sacrifice and take the time and energy to home/unschool by incentivizing the program. It will not in any way be our main focus, as providing as close to a failsafe data storage solution for home/unschoolers is the ultimate goal. And as far as the ease of use I have hired the absolute best programmer on the Steem block chain, The Mighty @Cadawg!!!...I spared no expense when it came to ensuring this thing works with ultimate ease.



      This is a close representation of the simple user interface that will be used to input the child's needed information. I simply ask you fill it out on the days you do class and if you see or think of anything you want added or changed just let me know so we can review the request. For your part in helping me your "Forever Safe" account will received upvotes every time a record is stored to the chain.(each time you do school and record your time) At the end of beta testing, you are more then welcome to continue to use the account as it will be yours, or if you are not interested, I will power down the account and give you all the Steem and SP earned as a thank you.


      Home/unschoolers are just the beginning of a much more massive plan that I have been working on over the last couple months. I am hoping to grow this to one of the biggest real world uses for our chain and look forward to what the coming years have in store for us.

      Anyone interested please leave me a comment down below and I will get back with you as soon as I possibly can. And if you want to meet some other really amazing homeschooling folks stop by this discord and say hello to The HomeEddders!!! They are loving caring fun folks who would love to have you stop in and say hello....

      If you made it this far, you must be REALLY bored or interested, so here is one more screenshot of the the program. This is the login area and we are already equipped to auto detect if you use steemconnect or keychain and take the appropriate actions to get you logged in. Pretty dang awesome huh?!


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23.11.2019 02:58

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23.11.2019 02:58

Thank you my dear friend!

23.11.2019 15:52

First...this guy that reads the post does a great job compared to the other "tts". So, sadly I must admit, the other one is funnier to listen to. But that's a great thing for your program, as i assume they aren't supposed to be funny to listen to.😁
But i do have a question concerning your TTS... I downloaded it to listen to it, but it only downloads the first 3minutes. Did I do something wrong, or is that maybe the limit?
Regardless, I really appreciate this service you are providing and think it is a great thing for our chain chain. Thank you so much.

23.11.2019 16:00

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23.11.2019 03:01

sorry but very unclear instructions, there is only a discord link, where do we do the beta registration thing?

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23.11.2019 04:52

I'm sorry about that friend. However,leaving a comment is all that is required for now. It may be a few weeks to a month or so before we are ready for testing. I am simply attempting to get a group of testers together well before the service is finished so that when it is ready we can go immediately into the testing phase. I know you from SM brother but i guess i was unaware that you had a kid. If you are interested in helping us out, I will add you as the first tester to the list and i say thank you!

23.11.2019 12:47

i have 2 kids 12 and 15 but more importantly, i am a programmer :-) so put me on that list

23.11.2019 13:28

AWESOME!!! I would love to have you on board my friend! Do you know cadawg by chance? I don't know that he is super interested in doing this programming...I think it's more about the money being right.(which all but killed my pocket book.😁😁) So in the long run of the program I may need a programmer to help me if he doesn't want the position. It will be mainly in case there is an issue, like troubleshooting. The pay may or may not be that great. The project will be earning income for the service by being listed beneficiary of all accounts. This way i can provide the service for free and there won't be any barriers for any homeschoolers who wish to take advantage of this service. Let me know if you would be interested in helping long term brother. Oh and as i have come up with other groups of people who may find this service of value, I may also need the UI changed around to fit the needs of other target consumer groups.
I am making next to nothing on this project(obviously negative at this point with development costs) and am solely doing it to help parents/teachers and to give Steem a real world use. But i believe it has an amazing potential to do well for me in the long run. So, as I said at the beginning of the comment, I'd love to have you along for the ride.

23.11.2019 16:15

if you would dive into the anals of HomeEdder discord, you would find a post of me proposing to help and building something similar to what you have in mind.
i am up for anything good for Steem, i am paid by other jobs but there will be cost of a server, maybe website. Maybe send me your ideas on Discord bub #2763 so i can see what i can do and we can make a master plan!

23.11.2019 18:17

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23.11.2019 05:19
23.11.2019 12:00

Already on it! Thanks River.

24.11.2019 05:25

🤗🤗 thanks for swinging by.

25.11.2019 02:35

I'm in, obviously :)

27.11.2019 16:46

Dang, i missed your reply somehow.😁 But thanks brother. I will let you know as soon as we are ready! Thank you

29.11.2019 16:31