Fear Without Logic Suffocates Your Success


Why do most people fear starting an online business?

The majority of people with whom I talked on my last visit to Asia reside in luxury.

They have got nice bank deposits, respectable jobs and security... Yet they are seeking something that they feel is more important and meaningful

The Search For Success

As a consequence, they come to my talk and hope to find some deep responses to their questions like: "What do you really want to do?" What are your life's aspirations, visions or aims? Would something matter more to me?

These are the usual questions, but they are nice and important.

However, no direct response is available. Yet, there is an explanation why these concerns are asked by people and we have to understand them to be inside a society that does little but discourage you

Fear Sabotages Success

Why does this happen? Fear is one of the biggest causes

And who or what are you afraid of, I ask them? If you took the plunge to start your own online company, what will you lose? Can you lose a lot of money as a brick and mortar company?

My inquiries were more frequently than not accompanied by silent stupidity.

It's a society which is contradictory and doesn't think linearly (even though we're all in a sequential universe).

So most people go back to delaying, procrastinating or totally dismiss their target or aspiration.

Causes of Fear

Or this could be the case...
It's Friday night, end of the week. You really feel like hanging out with your usual gang. You know you have to do the last-minute work before you head out. But you only have a couple hours until you hit the pub. So you're wondering...

"Do I have to be doing anything else? Maybe I’ll just relax before I hang out with my gang. Work can wait till tomorrow?"

But you glance up and see the number of things you have to do. It's like cascading waterfalls with tall, left and right walls. And on the left you have a list of things to do. You see things you have to do tomorrow on the right side. You have an even broader array of things you should do next week on the other side

The issue then is...

"Do I also complete tomorrow's list of things I need to do and next week's list of things I have to do before I go away with my friends?"

And you have to hold yourself accountable and make the decision because nobody else will or can do that for you. You have got to go for your own goals and hold yourself accountable.

That implies that you have to give up your spare time to start your company.
You know very well that a good company can't happen if you aren't doing enough.

Weeks are over, though. You don't see something important going on. You're getting wretched. You feel like dropping this thing. You are anxious and fear that all this might be a waste of time and nothing will be at the end of the tunnel. It all seems dark.

How do you act to overcome fear?

So you must buckle up, if your intention is to establish your own start-up:

  • 1 - Concentrate on market growth

You don't spend time with relatives and friends for three months. You concentrate on developing your business.

If you have time, spend it working for your business. Seek opportunities to keep families and acquaintances in contact. Do any freelance work if you need more cash to turn things over and over..

Take it if you want a rest. However, don't quit building your business.

  • 2 - Spend time with the ones who are there to help you.

Discover where you are, your perspectives and your support or accountability network.

What are the good people? Will you find a mentor or a consultant, or even a partner for accountability?

That's who you're going to spend your time and resources with. They will allow you to stay focused and monitor your objectives.

For more inspiration, take a look at the Derek Gehl's blog for more helpful nuggets and advice on creating your own online company while overcoming your fears

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