The Things That Could Be in Our Food

This is shocking what I dug up about what some believe to already be in our food supply. This is graphic in nature. Good luck and thanks for watching.

If your new to Mr. Cheffin12, Itcanbegreat or The Chemtrail Chef, I like to cover topics ranging from news, food, life, conspiracies, our health, God, Love and Chemtrails. I do this in hopes of showing you the coincidences in EVERYTHING and there by design. Do the research you will see if you look outside the box.

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You should make a dash wallet and learn about digital cash. It has the largest adoption for real world use cases. Pleasure to meet you. I think we cid get along well.

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01.08.2019 03:08

Thanks man. I actually have a dash wallet. So any tips on dash?

01.08.2019 03:11

I am looking for the same. My portfolio has shrunk of late since putting so much into steem. New job soon so I hope to put more fiat into this chain and will support you where I can.

02.08.2019 20:30

Thanks i appreciate that. Me too lost a bit when the coin was high. And steem doesn't have as many people giving higher value votes. Buying has become the norm. I wish more people would comment and say things. My strategy hasn't payed off lol

04.08.2019 21:31

Same here. At least if I keep taking voti g power with my face then the value will go lower. I never invested more than I was afraid to lose.

04.08.2019 21:33