The Sovereignty of our Children

Sex slavery is the new Hot trend and if you dont have one you're missing out. I joke but this is no laughing matter.
From R Kelly, Jeffrey Epstein to the catholic church whats with these people? Watch this video and do some research yourself.


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Commies and The Vatican:

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My name is laurence mountford, i advocate for everyone to research a man called donald marshall. Everything he says is true, despite how insane it sounds, I have been trying to spread the truth for close to six years now. The pedophile elite, the sadistic abuse of children, the endless fucking war of trying to bring it all to light, to anyone who is reading this, Find Donald Marshall and understand the truth. I am beyond sick of holding the knowledge and pain of a thousand thousand suffering and dying children being messed with in way nearly none of you know about. Fucking read this. Its the worst truth you will ever come across and its all completely true.

18.07.2019 11:18

I have so many pdfs and books its hard to keep track of what ive done. I will look at him. Take a look at Vatican assassin by eric Phelps.the pdf is free on Google and its mind blowing. Cheers and God bless

18.07.2019 21:47

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