Drag Queen Story Hour - How to Twerk


Is this ok, i have to ask you all?
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barack-obama-pedophile.jpgIs this ok, i have to ask you all? Screenshot_20181011-145848_Gallery.jpg
Twerking is a type of dance originating as part of the bounce music scene of New Orleans in the late 1980s. Individually-performed, chiefly but not exclusively by women, dancers move in a sexually-provocative manner throwing or thrusting their hips back or shaking their buttocks, often in a low squatting stance. Twerking is part of a larger set of characteristic moves unique to the New Orleans style of hip-hop known as "Bounce". Moves include "mixing", "exercising", the "bend over", the "shoulder hustle", "clapping", "buttcheeks clapping", and "the wild wood"—all recognized as "booty shildren?
Lets not forget this event where adults were giving money to alittle kid strippping on stage.images (3).jpeg

he sece". Twerking is but one choreographic gesture within bounce.Wikipedia

So with this characterization, is this ok to teach young children?

I am a f of children or what i coined "Subliminal Pedophilia" has run rampant on television and movies and has now made it into their textbooks.
I am a firm believer that we should have the right to do whatever we want but I also believe people should have some digression in what they share with the world. Somethings should be kept behind closed doors. Forcing someone to adhere to your philosophies on life and s post.
This has to do with Socialism and knowone seems to get that. Screenshot_20190809-095958_Brave.jpg
Now do you see what I'm saying. Line 17, 25, and 26 sum up what this article is actually about. But how many of these 45 goals are in place right now?

Don't be lead to CHAOS which we see happening right as I write this.

I'd love to hear what you all think after watching and reading this post.
Don't be scared and timid, SAY SOMETHING.
Thanks for joining me today, until next time
God Bless you all

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